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Trysten Shaman

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  • It is 3am on Wed April 14th.  I have just completed three consecutive journeys to the Lowerworld.  I am thorougly exhausted after obtaining power animals for friends and family.  My power animal has let me know that I should write this in my blog so here goes.  If anyone needs help spiritually I would be more than happy to help you with the gifts and knowledge I possess.  I, at this point in time, can retrieve power animals for individuals, comfort and ease suffering or pain, and soon I will be practicing retrieving lost souls.  Not souls like whole ones, but fragments there of that we lose due to trama or fear.  It is my desire in life to help and heal others with the powers and knowledge that I have and by helping you I will become stronger and more efficient at healing, in turn helping others even more.  I just want to say thank you to all of you that have friended me and those who read my blog.  I will be here so just fire me a PM or leave me a comment on my blog here and ill do everything within my power to improve the lives of those i touch.  God bless you all and may the spirits of nature surround you, protect you, and enlighten you.