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Trysten Shaman

Shamanic Christians Comeforth!

  • Hello again!  I have created a new group called Shamanic Christians.  I was hoping that while creating a new group I could further the awareness of "the old ways" and still learn a thing or two from all of you :)  Since my last post I have purchased many more books on shamanism, medicinal uses for plants in north america, and books on soul retrieval.  If anyone is interested or has performed soul retrievals hit me up I really would love to learn more about them via interpersonal communication rather than just read about it.  Again if anyone needs anything at all just let me know and I will do what i can to help you. 

    On a final note, I have decided that I am going to persue a career as a chiropractor and natural remedies.  If anyone is a chiropractor I would love to find out more information on requirements while going through the schooling.  Thank you all, God bless you, and may you know your spirits.