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Dr. Anthony ADRIAN

Distorting Religion History?

  • The world according to Mike... 

    - If you speak about religion history in a negative way....YOU are a religion hater and your going to hell!

    - If you speak about beliefs in a negative way...YOU are an atheist and going to hell!

    - If you are not a Christian...YOU will go to hell, course!

    Respect everyones opinion and world views even if you may not agree with it.  Challenge those who argue and become violent in their response...just tell them the following:  "I'm willing on accepting that I may be wrong, but are you open minded enough to agree that YOU might be wrong?"  If they so NO...then smile and accept their ignorance on seeing/learning more than they want to know.

    Life is great and should treasure all the good and bad humanity has.  :) 


  • Dr. Anthony ADRIAN
    Dr. Anthony ADRIAN I don't know what kind of Christian you are...but Hell is a place that Christians (Catholics and Protestant) say you go if you don't Worship God/Jesus according to the Bible. As far as believing in what will happen..to me sounds pretty good for the after...  more
    November 18, 2009
  • Dr. Anthony ADRIAN
    Dr. Anthony ADRIAN Mike....re-reading your comment. "...very hostile you're like a timebomb..." Your funny. I like you...but, not that way. :)
    November 18, 2009
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Gentlemen:

    When my mother died in 1974 and when my husband had an accident in 2001 I decided it made no sense to sue GOD for what human beings had done. BUT GOD has had a lot of work to do to help us clean up the mess that humans caused through n...  more
    November 18, 2009 - delete
  • Dr. Anthony ADRIAN
    Dr. Anthony ADRIAN Sorry for your loss...unfortunately, that is a common thread most of humanity has had and wil continue having. The loss of life and the why? for the empty void. IF their is a God (from whatever denomination) waiting...he would have some explaining to do...  more
    November 18, 2009