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Alexander Brow

tsame again, and again

  • I am a man of many paths being a Gemini I am always of two minds I want to know god, and the devils sides of the story before I make a decision, and can feel comfortable being interaith. As a member of the ULCM I am happy here debating/raging arguments are health. Perhaps the main thing is the lack of you fish on your side me on mine, both in the middle mentality. As a member of the order, and a fully ordained, and qualified priest I chose to move into this environment because they accept all regardless of background, and they put more effort into their site. Though it shouldn't matter any effort is not a wasted effort as long as it accomplishes something. As I move through the darkness I move in the grace, and power of the dark gods, and goddesses of old paganism. Nearly everybody moves on in fear, or disgust unknowing, and uncaring of the truth proclaiming the sole truth of their beleif system based upon their feelings of imperfect unity with that deity/thoughtform. I stand in the vein of pure love for the deity of old despite the name, and despite the follower.