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Joseph Carron

Answering a calling

  • You can feel it all of the time, every day.  A tickle in the back of your mind, a feeling in your stomach, and energy that darts around you.  It's not quite pulling, it's not quite pushing, but there is definately a pressure to not stay where you are.  The feeling sometimes gets lost in all of the distractions of the world, but it always comes rushing back.  When you resist it, sometimes life doesn't go so well.  Sometimes you tell yourself you are lost, or don't know what to do, but deep inside you know.  It is hard to accept though.  There are so many obstacles in front of you to get there.  You keep putting it off.  But when you think about what it is that really makes you happy, when you feel the most alive, when you feel like you are fulfilling a purpose, it's when you are following that "feeling". 

    The Universe is ever expanding, ever changing.  All things are impermanent, and all things are connected.   You are part of that connection, and the Universe, God, The Light, the Greater Conciousness, whatever name you wish to choose, that force, it calls to you.  It asks you to serve, to teach, to share, to show others the way toward enlightenment.  You know the path, love, compassion, knowledge, mindfulness, right living and speach.   You have talked to others, sometimes they are suprised by your depth of knowledge.  Sometimes you are suprised by your own depth of conviction.

    This is my own tale, does it echo yours?  I have finally made that decision, that comittment to answer the calling.  Where that will lead me, I don't know yet.  I have begun more studying, more research and have been reaching out more and more.  Am I scared? Yes a little.  Not because of the unknown, but because of the known.  I fear that perhaps I might be a poor leader, that I might somehow mess up the Dharma, the Word, the Gospel, the Good News.  However I answer that fear, with studying, education, prayer and meditation.  I understand it's source and use it, to focus.  We each know, inside what is truly right.  If we keep to that simple truth, we will succeed in answering the call and helping improve our little corner of the Universe.


  • Thaenrathi Druat-Ti Jim (Athauliz Dragons Eye Firestorm), Tol-Ensha, sal Da DruatTi, zhae Mata-an, Sahr-thae-Sha, Zhan sathe Nae
    Thaenrathi Druat-Ti Jim (Athauliz Dragons Eye Firestorm), Tol-Ensha, sal Da DruatTi, zhae Mata-an, Sahr-thae-Sha, Zhan sathe Nae Hmmmm!

    Very thought-provoking to say the least. I have no idea how many times that may have happened to me. I only decided to pay attention to that "call" a few years ago! :-))

    I probably should have sought my ordination a long time ago! L...  more
    November 13, 2009
  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Rev Joseph,

    Nice blog. I am sure it reflects many.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 13, 2009