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Ivonne Delaflor

Autism is not my name, by Rev.Ivonne Delaflor


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    By Ivonne Delaflor



    What is it like for my child to live

    under the condition of autism?


    Recently I was asked that question for a media interview, hours of pondering and contemplation occurred. How was I to know what he was experiencing with what many have called a curse or untreatable disease? What was it like to be casted as someone with a “neurological disorder” that pre-supposes it has no cure at all, and has no reason or understanding why it emerges in the first place”?  How could I answer that question after witnessing every day the healing of my son, hundreds of lives changed by his presence, my family coming closer together?…Consistently witnessing evolution and growth and committing to see his potential beyond the label, where he couldn’t establish eye contact or say a word now he is in full conversations, opinions and moving embraces with all. How could I answer this...aren't we all living under labels or conditions anyway?


    My answer came in the later hours one night, a tribute to my teacher; for my son labeled as “Autistic”:




    My boy wakes up with a smile each day,

    He starts the day with laughter

    He plays like everyone else, and sustains hispeaceful actions over the day,

    He thrives when there is peace around him

    And succumbs upon the face of conflict,

    He is beyond labels and feels self-assured!


    How do I know this?

    This is my son

    Who thrives with the celebration of life,

    He hugs and loves each day with pride;

    He is beyond labels, he is beyond names

    His self-esteem is growing each day

    He has waken us up to a new world of love

    Has brought us closer to the search for more,

    We all have gotten healthier and closer to the Earth,

    No pesticides, no vaccines, no struggle...just more health.


    His sister has made a plea;

    Would you love me more if I were just like him?

    We wake up every day realizing what a gift!

    Healing occurs step by step each day,

    And we wonder who is the one that heals anyway?


    My boy makes eye contact now,

    He always did, we are the ones that realize this now,

    My boy loves to sing and share,

    He always did we are joining his song now.


    My boy feels love for all beings,

    Oh what a gift this modeling is.

    My boy is beyond labels and names;

    For his message of peace is taking place;


    See me as I am beyond the veils, he seems to say;

    Embrace life with joy, beyond despair

    Love one another and I reach my potential,

    Believe in me, believe in me.


    I am not the label I was given,

    I am not a condition of my mind.

    I have gifts, I am alive!

    Treat all human beings alike!


    I have the same needs, and the same drives,

    I fall in love, I dream, I rejoice…I laugh

    I feel the pain, I feel the loss, and I am ahuman being



    I am an invitation for everyone to ask themselves;

    What's the bigger picture, what is the path to take?

    Do not give up on me, do not fall in despair!

    I can thrive; I can heal, for my condition is just a call to do things in a different way.


    Help me to thrive, help me to understand your world,and I will show you mine, which is filled with love.


    Expect higher from me, and celebrate my life;

    Be kind to one another

    Be gentle with your smile.

    Remember that this very moment

    Will never be the same;


    And most of all remember please:

    That I am not autism…this is not my name


    Ivonne Delaflor


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  • Sylvia Dokter
    Sylvia Dokter Thank you for this beautiful sharing!! Yes, our society has to change perception of what labeling of Autism really means and to become aware of the tremendous gift these children bring humanity with their presence to model us that love and kindness are ...  more
    April 21, 2010