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Joseph Esquivel

God and Jesus Christ's Acceptance:

  • Our Experience with Churches and Temples

    I find myself amazed we haven't had a single effort put forth for our troubles. We have been praying for 14 years for some true Christians to render us aid. it seems there is no God in the temples built for him to reside in. God said he would reside with his children, and he does his gift of the spirit of life our souls is God.

    Many have come by trying to indoctrinate us into their church. As many do try to proselytize us as if we were unknown to the teachings of Jesus Christ and God. This is a failure of them to understand what proselytize means. It is to bring someone out of the beliefs of witchcraft, idol worship or any other dark art. You can not proselytize a Catholic to being a Methodist. The churches have been misusing the works of proselytizing.

    If one already knows and believes in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity there is not a reason to proselytize someone. We have services every Sunday, break bread with Christ during these services, as Jesus said to do this frequently not just yearly.

    Our Churches don't teach mercy for those at the border immigrants as they once were, I see and hear so many people who think the works of God are only to be done through a church. But after they leave the church their hearts change and they do not live in the words of God.

    God spoke of his stiff-necked children of the past and how they failed him. For a lack of understanding our needs to serve one another. No one wants to hear these words they ring true to the ear and the sound is painful.

    We as God's children need to live in the words of Jesus Christ Gospel and the Commandments of God. Not just show up for service once weekly then leave this belief behind, like discharging of a used soda can.

    We see the failure of our people and churches to bring Holly Wood in line with the promotion of the LBGT life style as well as other offenses by the industry. We should not allow our leaders to invoke unchristian behavior in our laws and policies. Our Constitution is a document drawn up with the ideas of having a moral and Christian country and people.

    Let us all pray for the next year to usher in new and better changes in our country and most of all its people. May Jesus Christ and our Father be of more importance to our people and it political leaders. "Amen"


    Rev. Joseph Esquivel 


    God's Faith in Man Church ULC