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Gary V.


  • Yesterday, as I suffered from a familiar kind of depression; I realized it was one of many depressive attitudes I come by....

    Being alone is one of them- not having anyone to talk to. Not working is another, because I have had too many crazy jobs working around crazy people.

    Then, there is my worst of all- not having sexual love in years.....So, now I at least know there are many types of depression- losing a loved one for instance.... Having health concerns is another.... and I'm sure I will discover more....

    And guess what? My doctors will not prescribe me any anti-anxiety nor anti-depressants because they feel i will get too happy, hahahah. All I need is 1mg. of celexa or Lexapro, but they say no! They said for me to try a sedative first, hahahah! What do they know anyway?

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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. I feel like learning the Harlem Shuffle today for some unknown reason.....
    Mar 14