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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

3 Jan 2021 Moon Calendar

  • Calendar of the Moon
    9 Beth/Poseideion II

    Winter Waxing Moon

    Color: White
    Element: Water
    Altar: Upon a silver cloth set four silver candles on it, a cauldron with dry ice in it, a silver vase containing some naked birch twigs, some dry stalks of burdock, a few briar canes, a round moon-shaped mirror, a silver bell; and goblets containing pale white wine, anise liqueur, white corn syrup, and extract of bitter almonds; a spool of silver thread, and a small vial of jasmine oil.
    Offerings: Do community service for the mentally ill.
    Daily Meal: White food.

    Winter Waxing Moon Invocation

    (Ring bell after each line. Hold moon-mirror up where all can see.)

    Call: Hail Luna of the Growing Belly!
    Response: Hail Selene of the Waxing Light!
    Call: Spirit of night,
    Response: Spectre of Sun,
    Call: Egg of the serpent,
    Response: Web of the spider,
    Call: Servant of dreams,
    Response: Lamp of delusion,
    Call: Beacon of madness,
    Response: Bearer of power,
    Call: Crystal of knowledge,
    Response: Mirror of knowing,
    Call: Bringest thou visions of joys or of fears?
    Response: We rejoice in this awakening.
    Call: We live again, and we are fair!
    Response: The Moon has risen here to bear
    Call: A mirror for our altered faces
    Response: For her love that all things seizes.
    Call: We are risen in her light,
    Response: Where the dying live again,
    Call: Silver serpent, silver spider,
    Response: All show fair within her mirror.

    (One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual brings the goblets around for each to drink, one at a time. For the first, they say, "Taste madness." For the second, "Taste purity." For the third, "Taste sweetness." For the fourth, "Taste bitterness." Anoint all with jasmine oil, and say, "Scent of dreams." The bell is rung, and all exit.)

    [Pagan Book of Hours]

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