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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

4 Jan 2021 Sun Calendar

  • Calendar of the Sun
    4 Wolfmonath

    Terminalia: Janus's Day

    Color: Dark Blue and Black
    Element: Air
    Altar: Upon cloth of dark blue and black place a ruler, and on one side things of the past, and on the other side things for the future, including a goblet of wine.
    Offerings: Measure something accurately. Any work requiring measuring is honored today.
    Daily Meal: Any old-fashioned recipe.

    Invocation to Janus

    Hail, Lord Who Looks Both Ways!
    Hail, face of the past
    Turned towards memory!
    You see all that has been,
    Not only our beginnings,
    But our past deeds
    Which have brought us to this day.
    May we learn to take responsibility for them.
    Hail, face of the future
    Turned towards possibility!
    You see all that might be,
    A multitude of choices,
    Yet that multitude is pruned
    Back to a likely few
    By the deeds of the past.
    Hail, Lord who stands at the boundary
    Of then and now, of there and here.
    We stand also at that boundary.
    Teach us to see how the past
    Shapes the future in its hands,
    That we may not be blind to our own divinity.

    Measure the line
    With memory
    Stand on the line
    Of possibility

    (Pour out the libation of wine and exit. Work today should concentrate on making or mending things. See especially to fences and gates. Planning for future events is also acceptable.)

    Pagan Book of Hours
    Order of the Horae
    First Kingdom Church of Asphodel

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