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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

4 Jan 2021 Moon Calendar

  • Calendar of the Moon
    Beth/Poseideion II

    Birch Tree Moon

    Color: White
    Element: Air
    Altar: Upon cloth of white set the budded birch branches, a single white candle, the rune Berkana carved onto a piece of birch wood, and a bowl of clear water.
    Offerings: White cakes with the Berkana rune carved upon them.
    Daily Meal: Vegetarian with dairy and eggs.

    Beth Invocation

    Call: Now is the beginning of the year.
    Response: Now is the time of stillness and cold.
    Call: Now all is still and waiting upon the earth.
    Response: Now the earth sleeps beneath her many blankets.
    Call: Now is the time of patience.
    Response: Now is the time of our longest wait.
    Call: We are at peace with the Earth and with each other.
    Response: We are at peace with the Earth and ready to begin.
    Call: This is the month of indrawn breath.
    Response: This is the time of all beginnings.
    Call: May the year grow strong before us!
    Response: May we grow strong before the year!
    Call: For as the birch tree steps forth into the burned fields,
    Response: So do we step forth into the aftermath of our own burning.
    Call: For as the soft branches of the birch beat away the old year,
    Response: So do we lower our heads for the strokes of the future.
    Call: For as the pheasant hunts the snow for food,
    Response: So do we seek through the ruins of the past.
    Call: For as Frigga spins the clouds into thread,
    Response: So do we circle like the spinning whorl,
    Call: So do we take up the fiber of what has been,
    Response: So do we bring forth the new year from our very hands.
    Call: From our open hands,
    Response: From our open hearts,
    Call: From our open bodies,
    Response: From our open souls.

    Chant: Silver tree, in your branches
    White of snow, stars are dancing
    Tree of clouds, like thread of silver
    Time runs through our hands.

    Pagan Book of Hours
    Order of the Horae
    First Kingdom Church of Asphodel