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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

12 Jan 2021 Moon Calendar

  • Day Out Of Time
    Color: Black
    Element: Void
    Altar: Upon a black cloth place a single white candle, and an hourglass tied with a black cloth.
    Offering: Make time for something that you have been putting off.
    Daily Meal: No special food. Continue the theme of the other ritual of the day.
    Day Out Of Time Invocation
    Once, long ago, the god of the earth
    Fell in love with his sister, the goddess of the sky / And stretched forth his phallus like a tree / In order to make love to her. / But the Lord of the Sun saw them and cried out / That for their sin they should be always separated, / And never touch, on any day of the calendar. / And the god of the air stepped between them / And forced them apart. And the sky would have wept, / Save that it was a land with no rain. / And so instead she went to the god of words / And writing, and knowledge, and all things clever, / And begged him for a way around the problem. / So he thought on the matter for a while, / And then went off to visit the moon, / Challenging him to a game of board and pieces / Which he promptly won. His price was high - / A fraction of the Moon's light, just enough / To buy the lovers five new days / That stood in no calendar. From their union / Came five children, the Green Man Underground, / The Winged Mother, the Winnowing Sister, / The Brother of Rage, the Elder Hawk, / And from these came the land's destiny. / And here we stand on a day out of time, / A day that lies in no month of the calendar, / And what is done this day may yet change / The course of all our histories. / Time out of time, space out of space, / We walk between the worlds / And come finally back to our own Fate.
    (Divination may be done by the light of the single candle, if there is one with the skill to do it, that reflects the hopes for the coming year. Chant wordlessly on a single harmonized note. Then the light is extinguished and all leave in silence.)


    Pagan Book of Hours
    Order of the Horae
    First Kingdom Church of Asphodel