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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

15 Jan 2021 Sun Calendar

  • Calendar of the Sun
    15 Wolfmonath
    Hestia's Day
    Color: Red
    Element: Fire
    Altar: Today's ritual should be done in the kitchen and not the altar room. The hearth and the stove are the altar today, and a flame should be burning, and bread and milk and salt set out on the table. No other altar is required. After the ritual, all shall feast.
    Offerings: Do kitchen work, or preserving of food, or cleaning.
    Daily Meal: Any wholesome, extremely correct food.
    Hestia Invocation
    Flame of the Hearth / Keeper of the Inner Circle / Faceless One / Eldest of the Olympians / Lady of the Pantry / Whose open hands dispense hospitality / Chimney and cooking fire / Lady of routine and dailiness / To miss your quiet strength / In the rush of our sudden lives / Would be as great a disservice / As forgetting the air we breathe. / You who are the comforting hearth where we began / And the inner warmth that we will come home to, / Make this place a home for all of us. / Make this hearth a home of the every day, / The ordinary morning and noon, / The expected evening and the consoling night. / Teach us to take our time, Lady. / Teach us of the holiness of step after step / Chore after chore, moving in small circles / Around the hearth of our own beings.
    Circle round the hearthfire / Join our hands as one / Remember the Virgin Flame burns / Ageless as the Wheel turns / The place for which the heart yearns / Since this tribe has begun.


    Pagan Book of Hours
    Order of the Horae
    First Kingdom Church of Asphodel