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John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

15 Jan 2021 Moon Calendar

  • Calendar of the Moon
    Beth/Poseideion II
    Birch Tree Moon
    Color: White
    Element: Air
    Altar: Upon cloth of white set the budded birch branches, a single white candle, the rune Berkana carved onto a piece of birch wood, and a bowl of clear water.
    Offerings: White cakes with the Berkana rune carved upon them.
    Daily Meal: Vegetarian with dairy and eggs.
    Beth Invocation
    Call: Now is the beginning of the year.
    Response: Now is the time of stillness and cold.
    Call: Now all is still and waiting upon the earth.
    Response: Now the earth sleeps beneath her many blankets.
    Call: Now is the time of patience.
    Response: Now is the time of our longest wait.
    Call: We are at peace with the Earth and with each other.
    Response: We are at peace with the Earth and ready to begin.
    Call: This is the month of indrawn breath.
    Response: This is the time of all beginnings.
    Call: May the year grow strong before us!
    Response: May we grow strong before the year!
    Call: For as the birch tree steps forth into the burned fields,
    Response: So do we step forth into the aftermath of our own burning.
    Call: For as the soft branches of the birch beat away the old year,
    Response: So do we lower our heads for the strokes of the future.
    Call: For as the pheasant hunts the snow for food,
    Response: So do we seek through the ruins of the past.
    Call: For as Frigga spins the clouds into thread,
    Response: So do we circle like the spinning whorl,
    Call: So do we take up the fiber of what has been,
    Response: So do we bring forth the new year from our very hands.
    Call: From our open hands,
    Response: From our open hearts,
    Call: From our open bodies,
    Response: From our open souls.
    Chant: Silver tree, in your branches / White of snow, stars are dancing / Tree of clouds, like thread of silver / Time runs through our hands.


    Pagan Book of Hours
    Order of the Horae
    First Kingdom Church of Asphodel