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Kara North

Women and preaching...

  • I have recently felt the ''calling'' from our Lord that I need to help preach the bible, help save people in the name of Jesus Christ, and help humanity learn the lessons of love and the power of God. This has been very wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. When I approached my pastor at the Church of Christ he informed me that I was not to follow the ''calling''' because The Bible says that women are not allowed to preach. Instead he informed me that we are only able to teach the word of the Lord. This has left me confused and disheartened about what I am to do in regards to my ''calling''. I feel that we are all equals, men and women, and we have all been equally saved by God's son Jesus Christ and should be respected as equals as well. One of my biggest influences is Joyce Meyer and her ministry. She has created her own ministry and spread the Word of God all throughout the world so why can't I? Does anybody have any comments on this topic as well that might help clarify this situation for me? I have done some research and I realize that the Bible says that women are to stay silent and allow men to preach but my understanding is that we are all the same and spreading the Word of God is our duty whether we are male or female. Thanks to everyone for reading and I am very excited to be apart of this community. :)