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Megan Houghton

Many souls within one

  •  Here is something that I wish to share with all.

    I myself was name Megan at birth by my parents, over the years I have come to search into my past and have come to see that I have many pasts within my one body. I have also for some strange reason attracted other lost souls and they upon occasion become prominent personalities of mine. 

    One personality, the one for which I chose my pagan name is Elizabeth Moonstone, this personality was revered as a sorceress in her time. She stands headstrong as a leader among followers, a guiding light in the darkness of hours. Hence why I chose her name as my own, I believe her to be the essence of my true soul.

    My second personality, goes by the name Artemis, he is the essence of a dragon reborn, a shape-shifter in many aspects. His guiding personality trait is is lack of interest in a lot of things other then finding his spiritual partner, which he did find. However, his spiritual partner and my partner are not the same man.

    My personalities are different souls, as I am fully aware of what is going on, rather then them being a multiple personality disorder of some kind. Each soul has it's own personality and sometimes souls get lost on their way back to the begining, to share their knowledge with Gaia(mother earth), the essence of all.

    I'm not sure what any of you will do with this knowledge or if anyone even cares to read this but it is put out there so that some may find that they are not the only ones that have a strange set of personalities.