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  • The Apostasy Candles

    Tuesday, October 3, 2017

    II Thessalonians speaks of a great falling away. The Greek word is apostasia from which we get the word apostasy. Stasia means state of, and apo means away from. Looking around the world, we see apostasy everywhere, even in some churches. We’re witnessing an unprecedented social, moral, cultural, and ethical upheaval, but Messiah didn’t die to save culture or society. He died to save people, and the Gospel’s as strong as ever– even stronger now in an anti-God culture verses a culture that professed to be Christian. A candle burns brightest at night. When the apostles foretold the apostasy, faith in Messiah was the belief of relatively few people. Most of the world was pagan. In order to have apostasy from the faith, it would have to spread to all the world. This was only possible in the 19th and 20th century when Judeo-Christian morality became universal. So, be encouraged. The apostasy you see in the world is only more proof that God’s on the throne and you’ve got the light. Be strong and remember, it’s not by day but by night that a candle burns its brightest.
    From Message #486 - End Time Love

    Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:1

    TODAY'S MISSION - Practice being a candle in the night– shine against the darkness, bear a contrary light, and be a night light of the Lord.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn