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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Manifesting Messiah

    Thursday, October 12, 2017

    When I was five, I cut out little pieces of cardboard and pasted them together to make a bus with windows, wheels, and little seats. I put it in my back pocket to bring it to school for show-and- tell. When it was time, I stood up and reached into my pocket to proudly display my cardboard bus, but all I found were cardboard pieces. It was demolished, having been sat upon; my first great scholastic achievement was destroyed. I ended up telling them all about the bus instead of showing them. I was all tell and no show. Show-and- tell is also our first big assignment as children of God. It’s a crucial part of the Great Commission. We’re told to love not only in word, but in deed. You’re to tell the world the Gospel, but that’s not enough—you have to show them the Gospel. Show them Messiah in your life, your home, your manner, your emotions, your relationships, your joy, your love, the way you treat others, and in your peace. They won’t be able to help seeing. It’s as simple as show-and- tell.
    From Message #555 - Show-Em

    Scripture: Col. 3:17

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, don’t only speak Messiah, show Messiah in everything you do. Make your life a show-and- tell about Messiah.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn