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  • Practicing Your Sovereignty

    Tuesday, October 17, 2017

    In order for Messiah to be King of Israel, He has to be of the royal line of David. His mother was of the line of David, His Father is King of the Universe. Even his stepfather, Joseph, was a descendent of David, poor but no less royal. Kings are called sovereigns, meaning they are above and over all things. Joseph and Miriam went through life as sovereigns. Not that they didn’t have a lot of problems, but they never let it get the better of them, hinder, or define them. They walked through them sovereignly. They were little sovereigns. If you’re born of God, you’re also of royal blood. You’re a little sovereign, so live a royal life. You’re not subject to your problems. As a child of God, your problems are subject to you, so rule over them. Reign over and command your problems, because you’re not subject to this world– this world is subject to you. Be not overcome, but o vercome. Declare your sovereignty today, learn how to walk above your life in God’s Spirit, and you’ll start living like a king.
    From Message #582 - The Secret King

    Scripture: 1 John 5:5

    TODAY'S MISSION - Don’t let your circumstances dictate who you are today. Live sovereignly over your circumstances, your problems, and your world.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn