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  • The Fringes Of Your Life

    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

    Kanaph is the Hebrew word for the corner of a garment or the bottom hem. It’s the same word used in Job for the ends of the earth. God commanded His people to wear sacred fringes called tzitzit, tassels that hang down from the corners of their garment. When Scripture says that a woman touched the fringe of Messiah’s garment, it was His tzitzit. Kanaph means the end, and tzitzit is a tassel that extends the end. As a child of God, there must be no end to your love, your joy, or your giving. The corners of your heart and life must be extended. Your compassions mustn’t be limited to your friends, but must be extended to strangers and the poor who dwell in the four corners of the world. As Israel had to extend the corners of their robes, so too must you extend the corners of your heart and reach out to those who are outside your life. Lengthen the cords of your life and love today so that others may touch the hem of your garment, as they did His, and find healing and miracles.
    From Message #465 - The Sacred Fringe

    Scripture: Ps. 119:32

    TODAY'S MISSION - Extend your heart today and reach out to those outside your life, outside your comfort zone, and outside your fields.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn