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  • The Shemen Name

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    In the Song of Solomon, the bride says to her beloved in Hebrew, “Shemen turak sh’mecha”. “Your name is like pouring oil.” When you’re in love, your beloved has a beautiful name and it pours off your lips like oil. You sing it, shout it, and write a song about it because the name of your beloved is always beautiful. When you’re in love, the name of your beloved is like pouring oil. The name of Messiah is like pouring oil. Not just because He’s called ‘The Anointed One’, but because it’s the name of our Beloved. There’s something about His name, Jesus; Yeshua in Hebrew. It’s the name of the One who loves us with all His heart and life, who died for us. His name should pour out of your heart and lips, and not just His name, but His love. It’s one thing to talk about Yeshua, another to show His love. Show others the love of your Beloved, and they will love Him too. Then His name will flow from their hearts, like pouring oil.
    From Message #289 - Like Pure Oil

    Scripture: John 13:34

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, let your lips be filled with and flow forth with the name of your Beloved, in worship, in praise, and in love.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn