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  • The God Of Not
    Monday, November 20, 2017
    “Love rejoices not in iniquity.” We take that to mean that we’re not to rejoice over sinful things, and that’s correct. But there’s another way you can apply this. Love does rejoice. It rejoices over what’s good, but don’t stop there. Rejoice over thern righteousness that is, and the sin that isn’t. When you don’t fall to that temptation, lose your temper, worry, or give in to that lust, rejoice over the fact that you didn’t fall or give in. Think about all the things you were set free from because Messiah came into your life, and rejoice over that. The Hebrew people were never to stop rejoicing over the fact that they were no longer in Egypt. The more they rejoiced, the more blessed they were in the Promised Land, and less likely to ever want to go back. The joy of the Lord is your strength. The more you rejoice that you’re no longer in bondage, the less likely you will ever go back, and the more you’ll be blessed. Rejoice today, because there are so many things to rejoice about and many of them don’t even exist.
    From Message #412 - The Radical Heart
    Scripture: James 1:2–3
    TODAY'S MISSION - Think about all the ‘Not's in your life – all that He’s delivered you from, all that’s no more, all that He saved you from – and give Him praise!
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn