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  • Aliens On Earth
    Monday, November 27, 2017
    ‘Ger’ is Hebrew for ‘stranger.’ Like most of you, I grew up being told “Beware of strangers,” which is good for children to hear. But in the Bible, some of the best people were strangers. Abraham said, “I’m a stranger and I sojourn among you.” Moses named his son ‘Gershom’ meaning ‘stranger in a strange land’. In 1 Peter 2:11, we’re called aliens and strangers. Strangerhood is a holy call, and has much power. As believers we’re to go through life as strangers to the ways of this world and to our old identity. When people talk to you about impure subjects, you need to respond, “I don’t speak your language.” It’s a great thing to be a stranger to who you once were and to be able to say, “I just don’t understand you.” When you’re going through tough times, remember that you’re a stranger to them. You’re not of the problem anymore, you’re of the kingdom of heaven. Practice th e ministry of strangerhood. Learn to be in the world, not of it, because to be a stranger in this world is the most holy of callings.
    From Message #493 - Aliens on Planet Earth
    Scripture: John 15:19
    TODAY'S MISSION - Practice the ministry of strangerhood today and view yourself as a sojourner on earth.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn