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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • God And His Baby
    Monday, December 11, 2017
    Have you ever felt like you don’t love God enough? As a parent, it is natural to love your baby. Yet you can’t expect your baby to love you back with the same love. Babies are a constant expense of time, energy, and money. But you don’t expect your child to pay you back. How did you, as a parent, love and bless your newborn child? It was not dependent on anything they did. It was unconditional. So it is with you and God. You can never love Him enough, but He loves you more - just as a parent loves a baby. It’s not about how much or how little love you have for Him. You’re not God. Stop dwelling on your love— or lack of it— and lose yourself in His love. He’s your Daddy. He loves you just because He loves you. When you realize it, you’ll love Him as you never did before. It’s as simple as being a baby.
    From Message #1745 - The Abba Mystery of Faith
    Scripture: Jude 1:21
    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, stop dwelling on your lack or limitations and lose yourself in His unlimited love.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn