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  • How Chanukah Brought You Christmas
    Wednesday, December 13, 2017
    About 130 years before the birth of Messiah, Antiochus Epiphanes, King of the Greek/Syrian Empire, tried to wipe the Jewish faith from the face of the earth. He almost succeeded. If he had succeeded, there would be no Jewish fishermen in Galilee to become apostles, no Jewish shepherds in Bethlehem, no Jewish carpenter in Nazareth, and no Jewish virgin to give birth to Messiah. But by a miracle of God, he and his armies were defeated. The celebration of that miracle is called Chanukah. Jewish people celebrate as they light the lights of the Chanukah Menorah. Christians celebrate the birth of Messiah with the Lights of Christmas. But if it were not for Chanukah, if Messiah wasn’t born, we would have nothing to celebrate. The lights of Chanukah gave birth to the Light of Messiah. If you belong to the Messiah, rejoice in your Jewish roots, your heritage as a child of Abraham, and light a menorah this year. Celebrate the Festival of Lights in the Light of Messiah’s glory.
    From Message #275 - The Christmas/Chanukah Connection
    Scripture: Gal. 4:4
    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, rejoice in your Jewish roots as a fellow citizen of the nation of Israel and pray for His ancient people.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn