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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Immanuel Forever
    Thursday, February 8, 2018
    ‘Em Anu El’ means God is with us. From that Hebrew sentence comes the name Immanuel. Messiah is called Emmanuel. There’s no indication in the Bible that His name will ever be changed. He’ll still be Emmanuel; God is with us in heaven. In this world, we need that assurance, but in heaven with all God’s kingdom and brilliance and wonders, why call Him God is with us? Because the greatest thing in heaven won’t be the harps, the angels, or the streets of gold, but the fact that God is with us. The greatest thing about life on earth is the fact that God is with us. The greatest revelation in heaven won’t be the secrets of eternity but knowing that God is with us for eternity. That’s what makes heaven heavenly, and that’s what makes this life heavenly if you know it. So rejoice today in the most heavenly thing you can ever know; the fact that God is with you. Because knowing that is… even better than heaven.
    From Message #352 - Immanuel II 
    Scripture: Psalm 61:7
    TODAY'S MISSION - Rejoice today in the fact that your God is with you every moment, always, and forever.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn