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  • How To Write
    Tuesday, March 20, 2018
    Your Own GospelWithout exception, the authors of the Gospels refused to lift themselves up or give themselves any good press. Matthew’s Gospel records that Matthew was a sinner and a tax collector. John’s Gospel records that John was one of the twelve disciples who forsook the Lord. Mark’s Gospel is said to have been based on the account of Peter but it’s full of Peter’s mistakes. Luke’s Gospel isn’t concerned about Luke at all. Only one person is glorified: Messiah. Now if the Gospels were the work of man, the authors would downplay their own faults, take credit for the incredible words of divine wisdom, and give themselves as much good publicity as they could. But they don’t. Instead, they downplay themselves and they lift up the Lord alone. So what about you? Are you seeking to lift up yourself or the Lord; your own reputation or the Lord’s? Are you the Lord’s press agent or your own? You can’t be both. Get yourself out of the way so you can lift up the Lord in your life. Give Him the good press and your life will become a gospel.
    From Message #163 - The Five Gospels 
    Scripture: Psalm 115:1
    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, make it your aim to get into lifting up the Lord and not yourself. Write your own Gospel!
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn