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  • The Two Most Jewish Things
    Monday, March 26, 2018
    Growing up, I never saw Palm Sunday as Jewish. What could be Jewish about a man named ‘Jesus Christ’ riding a donkey over palm branches? But He rode into Jerusalem. For the Jewish people, Jerusalem is the city of cities. As I later learned, ‘Christ’ is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word ‘Mashiach’, or ‘Messiah’. There’s no more Jewish word than Messiah and this Messiah is the central figure of human history. So here you have two of the most Jewish things coming together: the city of Jerusalem and one called Messiah. And if that weren’t Jewish enough, the Hebrew prophet Zechariah foretold that Messiah would come to that same city ‘riding a donkey’. So the most Jewish of men and the most Jewish of cities came together on Palm Sunday. This tells us three things: First, it’s Jewish to believe in Jesus/Yeshua; secondly, Messiah has come; and lastly if Messiah has come as foretold in Zechariah 9:9, the only appropriate response in your life is to rejoice. So, rejoice today and be exceedingly glad! For Messiah, your King has come to you.
    From Message #686 - Messiah And Jerusalem
    Scripture: Luke 1:68
    TODAY'S MISSION - Take time today to rejoice in the fact that Messiah has come. Let Him come into every part of your own Jerusalem.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn