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  • The Sabbath As A Verb
    Friday, March 30, 2018
    Messiah didn’t just die on Friday, He died on the Sabbath. The word Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word for resting - Shabbat. The Sabbath comes from God’s action for resting on the seventh day. Messiah died on that day, He rested on that day so that you could likewise enter into His rest. God wants you to find rest for your soul and peace in your life. To do that, you have to learn of His Shabbat. To Shabbat is to do something. It’s an action. So, find the Sabbath in your life not by resting in your works, but in the fact that God’s work is finished - just as He said “It is finished!” when He gave up His life for you on Calvary. He was laid to rest on the Sabbath, so you could find rest for your soul and peace for your life. Stop waiting for your works to be complete and your life to be perfect. Enter His Sabbath today and find your rest in His resting and your peace in His perfect work.
    From Message #125 - The Sixth and Seventh Day 
    Scripture: Hebrews 4:9
    TODAY'S MISSION - Spend time today resting in His perfect work of salvation to enter the realm of perfect shalom, the Shabbat of Messiah.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
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