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  • The Strange Case Of West Side Baptist
    Friday, April 6, 2018

    On March 1, 1950, choir practice was scheduled for 7:20 at the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska. Most of the choir members normally arrived around 7:15. The pastor, about to head to church with his wife, discovered that his daughter’s dress needed changing. A man named Harry Ahl was going to take his two boys to practice but got lost in a conversation, forgetting the time. One high school girl needed to finish her homework. Two sisters were ready, but their car wouldn’t start. The pianist Marilyn Paul fell asleep and so she and her mother both arrived much later than usual. Joyce Black, just feeling lazy, waited until the last minute. All 15 members of the choir were hindered from being on time. At 7:25 pm, due to a gas leak, there was an explosion and the church was destroyed. The choir members would’ve been killed, except that they were all strangely late. Therefore, rejoice today and thank God in faith for those problems and obstacles you’ve been frustrated about. Because who knows that you won’t find out someday that they were the very things that saved your life.
    From Message #1980 - The Tectonic Moment...

    Scripture: Psalm 63:7

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, when you face an obstacle, a challenge, or a hindrance you’ve been frustrated about, do something new – rejoice!

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn