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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Dealing Head On
    Tuesday, May 8, 2018
    We are called to be peacemaker or makers of shalom. We’re to bring God’s shalom, His peace, fullness, wellbeing, and joy into the world – even into our lives. We do this by following the way of the greatest peacemaker: Messiah. He made peace by heading to Jerusalem to die on the cross for our sins, not by running away, avoiding, or being forced into reluctantly facing it. You’ll never have true peace in your life by running away or trying to avoid your problem. Messiah made peace by dealing with the problem head-on. He ran to it and tackled it with all His might. That is Calvary and that’s how you’re to have peace. Follow in the footsteps of the Prince of Shalom. Don’t live in the shadow of your problem. Don’t let it harass you, intimidate you, or limit your life anymore. Deal with it head-on in the power of the One who deals with everything head on. It’s harder only for a moment, but then you’ll be blessed with victory and be free. For after Calvary comes the power of resurrection and the presence of shalom.
    From Message #129 - Making Peace 
    Scripture: Matthew 5:9
    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, don’t fear your problems. In the power of God, meet them head-on.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn