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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • A Nation The Size Of New Jersey
    Monday, May 14, 2018

    In 1948, ancient prophecy was fulfilled as Israel was raised from the dead. I’m writing these words in New Jersey. It’s a tiny state with only 8,000 square miles, almost identical in size to Israel. That’s where the comparison ends. During the Cold War, the focus of the world media went first to America and the Soviet Union. After that, the place that received the greatest amount of its attention was the tiny nation of Israel. How does a speck of land the size of New Jersey receive so much world focus and attention? It happens because God is real and He’s the God of Israel. Had He said, “I am the God of New Jersey,” then New Jersey would have become the center of world attention. So whenever you hear about Israel in the news, know that you’re witnessing a miracle. And don’t look at how little you may have in your life. Think of Israel. Commit your life and what you do have to God, no matter how small. Then your life will become like the Promised Land, instead of New Jersey.
    From Message #47 - A Good Land

    Scripture: Psalm 72:18

    TODAY'S MISSION - Commit everything you have to the Lord today, no matter how little. Remember Israel, and thank God that He will use it for His glory.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn