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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • How To Hear The New
    Tuesday, May 15, 2018
    It takes time for sound waves to travel through space. It takes time as well for your mind to process the sound. So, no matter how close you are to somebody speaking, there’s always a delay between what they said, and when you hear what you think they said. Think about it. If you hear only with your ears, then you can only hear old news. But the Gospel is always new. If you hear it only with your ears, you’ll never hear it. For your ears can only hear old news. That’s why if you just listen to a sermon with your ears, you’ll never really hear God talking. The one way you can hear good news from God is by learning to listen with your heart. Let your heart hear what God’s saying right now. Hear His love, His joy, His truth, His command, His calling in your life, and His good news. It will change your life. The next time you hear the Word of God, listen with your heart. For most of the time, the thing that’s really keeping you from hearing God is your ear.
    From Message #274 - The Celebration of Light 
    Scripture: Proverbs 2:2
    TODAY'S MISSION - Listen with your heart to what the Word of God is saying to you today.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn