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  • Dada, Tata, Papa, And Abba

    Friday, May 18, 2018

    The word father comes from the Greek word ‘pater.’ It is linked to the ancient Sanskrit name ‘tata.’ In other languages, it becomes dada, baba, or papa. In Hebrew, it becomes ‘abba.’ What joins all these words? They’re all part of the baby talk. The word ‘dada’ was coined by a baby. This bears witness that having a father is the most basic and simple of things. So Romans 8:15 says, “Whereby we cry, Abba!” Knowing God is not a complicated thing. It’s the simplest and most basic thing. It’s like breathing. It’s like being a baby and saying ‘dada.’ And the ‘dada’, like ‘papa’ and ‘abba’, are not only baby words, but words of joy. So knowing God is not a theological proposition, it’s the most basic joy you can know. Don’t be theological in your relationship to God – call Him ‘Abba’! Learn the profound truth of calling God Abba. Learn to call Him Papa, Dada, or Daddy. Because the greatest, deepest, and the most profound thing you could ever know is also the most simple… Dada!
    From Message #316 - Fatherhood and God

    Scripture: Matthew 6:6

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, be like a little child. Spend time with God as your Heavenly Daddy and accept His nurturing.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn