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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Prisons And Prisoners
    Wednesday, May 30, 2018

    In Acts 12, an angel is sent to release Peter from prison. The first thing the angel had to do was see Peter as a man who happened to be in prison. If he had seen Peter as a bound and hopeless case instead of a person who happened to be in prison and who could otherwise be doing great things in future ministry; there would have been no incentive to get him out. In the same way, there are people in your life who are not saved. They might be unpleasant, miserable, or even rotten. But if that’s the only way you see them, you’re consigning them to the darkness. If you see them as people who happened to be inside a prison of rottenness by those things, it’s a different story. There’s hope for a prison break. Then they become those with the potential to become children of God. By faith and the blood of Messiah, see the person separate from their prison. And by the grace and power of God, help arrange their prison break!
    From Message #964 - Angels and Outlaws

    Scripture: Jude 1:22

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, practice separating people from their sins. See them as those made to become children of God, but they have to first break free of their prison.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn