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  • The Chaldean Comic
    Monday, January 7, 2019
    Have you seen any Hittite or Amorite comedians lately? Have you consulted with a Chaldean injury lawyer, gone to an Akkadian doctor or a Babylonian dentist? No? Why not? These are the people of the ancient world, the great peoples of antiquity. You can read about them, you can go to a museum and see their writings and images on stone tablets, but none of these peoples made it into modern history. The Jewish people are just as ancient as the Babylonians. They should only be images on museum tablets, not doctors who treat your illnesses or comedians on television. But God promised He’d preserve them as His witnesses and so that they would receive their Messiah and usher in the redemption of the world. So whenever you see a Jewish person in flesh and blood, know that you’re seeing a miracle. Let it remind you that God is real, He lives, and His promises are true. So you be strong in your faith. Rejoice in God and know Messiah is coming.
    From Message #39 - That You Might Know
    Scripture: Romans 15:8
    TODAY'S MISSION - Spend time rejoicing in God today in the knowledge that the Messiah is coming!
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn