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  • The Greatest Act Of Repentance
    Thursday, January 10, 2019
    Teshuvah is Hebrew for repentance. Most believers think that repentance is done when they first come to the Lord or when they recommit their life to Him. Others think repentance is something one does in response to a particular sin. All these things are true, but the most important meaning of the word for a believer is this - repentance is life. Your whole life is to be an act of repentance. You’re never to forget that you’re saved by His grace and cleansed by His forgiveness. Paul, who after years of ministry as the greatest apostle, wrote, “Messiah came into the world to save sinners among whom I’m the chief,” never forgot where he came from, or what the Lord had done for him. Thus he never lost sight of where he was going. You, too, never lose that humble, sweetheart of repentance. Never stop washing His feet with your tears. Never grow weary of doing good, of binding the broken, of healing the wounded, of giving to those in need, and of comforting the afflicted— these are the true fruits of a life of Teshuvah.
    From Message #81 - Repentance

    Scripture: Matt. 3:8

    TODAY'S MISSION - Live today as one forgiven of sin and given a second chance. Walk in the spirit of repentance.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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