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  • The Father’s Embarrassment
    Wednesday, February 6, 2019
    When my father was a child and his parents took him out to a restaurant, he would sneak off and go to other tables and beg for their food. When my grandparents realized what was happening, they were embarrassed. It made it seem as if they weren’t taking care of their own child. In the same way, when we as God’s children go through life desperate, trying to gain acceptance or love from others or joy and fulfillment from the world, it’s an embarrassment to our Heavenly Father. What it’s saying is that He doesn’t really provide for His children, so that they have to go begging, and have to live in need. God is a good Father, but we, His children, don’t often realize it. If you’re not rejoicing, you’re embarrassing your Heavenly father. You’re a child of the Most High. That means that no matter what it looks like, you’re blessed, you’re rich, you’re loved, full, and overflowing. The only appropriate response to salvation is joy. So rejoice, and be blessed. Act like a child of the King. Because that’s what you are. Anything else is an embarrassment.
    From Message #1114 - The Good Joy

    Scripture: Psalm 33:21

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, live every moment as a blessed and beloved child of the King.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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  • Gail Dobson
    Gail Dobson That's so easy to say from the comfort of your office or sofa, with a fridge full of food. What of those equally "loved" and "provided for" who are dying of cholera, or starving to death, or dodging bullets and bombs, who have no water...  more