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    The Radical Secret Of The Garden Tomb


    Friday, April 12, 2019


    The Garden Tomb... did you ever realize how strange, unique, contradictory, and radical it is? What’s a Garden? A place where life begins. What’s a Tomb? A place where life ends. So what’s a Garden Tomb? It’s a place where life ends— and begins. Messiah wasn’t just put into a tomb, but into a Garden Tomb. Why? Because after the end of His life would come a new life — the Resurrection. As everything began in a Garden, so now everything begins anew in a Garden Tomb. In the Garden Tomb is a cosmic mystery. The only way we can get to the Garden is by first going to the tomb – only by dying to the old can we live. So don’t be afraid to let the old die, to crucify the flesh, or to count your old life as gone. It’s nothing to be afraid of. It will only lead to blessing in the end, and it’s the only thing that does. Do it as soon as you can, for the way of the Cross always leads to the Garden Tomb, and the Garden Tomb always leads to life.

    From Message #1170 - The Gardener 
    Scripture: Luke 24:6

    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, come to the Garden Tomb. Let go of anything that is old. Let God begin a new thing in your life.

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn