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  • The Communists Who Preached Messiah
    Wednesday, July 10, 2019
    There was a believer imprisoned for his faith under Communist rule. He was being interrogated and tortured. “Give me one proof that Jesus even existed, for you know He never did,” his interrogator taunted him. The believer responded, “I only believe what the official Communist newspaper, Pravda, says about Jesus.” “What do you mean?” said the interrogator. “You have a paper right there,” said the believer, “Tell me what it says next to the title, what are those number?” The interrogator read out loud, “1951.” “1951,” years from what,” said the prisoner.? “One thousand nine hundred fifty-one years from the birth of Jesus. This is the official Communist position. It cannot be based on a lie so I’m only following the Communist position when I say that Jesus is real and His life is so important that we should base all other events upon it.” If even the Communist newspaper, in effect, proclaimed the life of Messiah, how much more should you proclaim it, and spread it? Be bold about it and unashamed. For Messiah is so real, that even His enemies proclaim Him… how much more must you… His friend.
    From Message #1292 - The Playroma Chronos
    Scripture: Psalm 20:7
    TODAY'S MISSION - Today, proclaim Messiah! Be bold and unashamed about it. For you serve the King of the universe.
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn