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  • The Blessings Of All Those Things You Didn’t Want
    Tuesday, January 21, 2020
    Since ancient times, the society of India has been divided into the caste system. At the top of the caste system are the Brahmans and at the bottom are the Untouchables. The Brahmans are given the most utmost respect and honor – while the Untouchables are held in the greatest contempt. In recent times, the Gospel has made inroads into the Indian subcontinent. There have even been waves of revival. In these revivals, which of these peoples do you believe are the most open to receiving salvation? The Untouchables are the most open – and the Brahmans the most closed. Why is that? A general principle - the more comfortable you are in this world, the less open you will be to the kingdom and to the voice of God. So the next time you seek to be more comfortable in this world – or get upset because your situation is uncomfortable – remember the Brahman and the Untouchable – rejoice in your uncomfortable situation, and that problem, for these may be the very things which are keeping you in and seeking for the kingdom of God.
    From Message #1467 - The Great Divestment
    Today's Mission
    Today, give thanks to God for all those things in your life you may never have given thanks for, the things you didn’t want, but which have drawn you closer to Him and kept you in His kingdom.
    Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn