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  • The Kadosh L’Adonai Thought Life
    Thursday, February 13, 2020
    The high priest of Israel wore holy garments. What he wore on his head had to match the holiness of his garments. Thus, he was commanded to wear a gold crown that said: “Kadosh L’ Adonai - Holy unto the Lord.” I Peter 2:9 says that you’re now a royal priesthood. Your thought life is what crowns your mind. Thus your thought life needs to be consistent with the rest of your life; in harmony with your ministry and with your faith in God. When you pray or worship the Lord, are you thinking about something else? When you take action, it needs to be consistent with what you’re thinking - what you mean in your heart. Think what you mean, say what you think, mean what you say, do what you mean--it’s all together. Your actions and thoughts need to be pure. God wants you to be consistent in every way. He wants your prayer life and your thought life to be holy. Let Him have His way. Let your thought life become Kadosh L’Adonai, holy unto the Lord, and as pure as a crown of gold.
    From Message #1136 - The Spirit Mind
    Today's Mission
    Today, let your mind dwell on the Word and love of God – so that your thoughts might become Kadosh L’Adonai – Holy unto the Lord.
    Scripture: 2 Corinthians 10:5
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn