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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM

Daily Scripture and Reflections

  • Jesus: Strong Consolation
    That by two immutable things,
    in which it is impossible for God to lie,
    we might have strong consolation…
    this hope we have as an anchor of the soul…
    where our forerunner has entered for us.
    Hebrews 6:18-20
    Jesus is your Strong Consolation to overcome doubts. Don’t worry about your eternal destiny; Jesus is your Hope. Doubts come from the heart because believers still have an old sin nature (1 John 1:8-10). So don’t look within your heart when you have doubts; look to Jesus, the Strong Consolation. You can be sure of Heaven because He is already there for you. Just as a boat is anchored in the harbor to keep from drifting out to sea with the tide, Jesus, your Anchor, is already securely grounded in Heaven; He’ll keep you from drifting. Just as a royal delegation will send a forerunner into a city so its citizens can prepare for the dignitaries, so Jesus is your Forerunner who has gone to prepare Heaven for you because He knows you are coming. Your doubts will disappear when you look to Jesus, who is standing in Heaven and waiting for you.
    Lord Jesus, I have doubts when I rely on my ability to reason things out. But when I look to You, my doubts go away; then I know that Heaven is sure.
    When you have Jesus in your heart, He is your Strong Consolation to take away doubts. He is standing in Heaven waiting for you. So walk in this life with assurance, pray with confidence, serve without any doubts, and lay hold of the hope set before you.
    Lord Jesus, I know intellectually about Heaven, but I also know You in my heart; so I know I am going to Heaven. You are my Strong Consolation, my Anchor, my Forerunner. Amen.
    Go Deeper: Hebrews 6:13-20
    Looking to Jesus takes away doubts.