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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Treasures Of The Morning Light
    Friday, May 22, 2020
    An ancient fable tells of three merchants who were crossing a desert - one dark moonless night they came to the bed of a dried-up creek. There they heard a voice tell them to "gather stones and travel as far away as possible from there; in light of morning, they would be both happy and sad." So they obeyed the voice and when the first light of morning came, they opened their bags to see the stones they had gathered at the creek. But instead of stones, they discovered they had gathered precious jewels. They were glad about what they gathered, but as the voice had also said, they were sad - sad they had not gathered more. So it is in this life. The voice of God tells us to use and give everything we have on earth for God, and we will have treasures in heaven. We don't see those treasures yet - but we will. So be wise. Give and use everything you have in this life for the purposes and glory of God, and you will store up for yourself great treasures, and only gladness, and no sorrow, in the morning light.
    From Message #1198 - Rooms Of Treasures
    Today's Mission
    What do you have today that you don't really need? What can you give away to those in need? What can you give to God's work? Give it today and store up treasures in heaven.
    Scripture: Matthew 6:20
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn