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  • Beavers And Living Water
    Tuesday, June 30, 2020
    Beavers are interesting animals. They build dams and dam up streams and rivers. Rivers are important in God. Rivers represent the Spirit and Life of God, for the Spirit is always giving and the Life of God is always flowing. The problem is, even though the Spirit is like a river, God's people often tend to be more like beavers. We swim around His blessings, but we build dams. We dam up our lives, our walks, the blessings that God wants to flow in our lives. Dams of unforgiveness, bitterness, compromise, fear, double-mindedness, dishonesty, coldness and walled up relationships. The problem with dams is they stop the flow of the river. Your life cannot flow as long as you have those dams damming it all up. When you build dams in your life you miss the blessings God would have you know. If you want abundant life, then break open those dams. It's going to take some work, but you need to do it. Break that dam open and let the river of God's blessings flow into your life. For you're a child of blessing - not a beaver.
    From Message #350 - Living Waters From Jerusalem

    Today's Mission
    Is there some area of God's will, God's Spirit, God's purposes, that you know God wants to flow into your life - but is being blocked by something? Today begin breaking up the dam and letting the river flow.

    Scripture: Isaiah 43:19

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn