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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • Married From The Heart
    Thursday, July 30, 2020
    Imagine a marriage where the husband and wife each have a list of what the other must do and a script for what the other must say. So, when they speak to each other, it's all from a script. What would you think of such a marriage? It would all be outward, external... empty.... fake. But that's exactly how many believers live out their relationships with God. They look primarily at what they have to do for Him... and what He should do for them. They say the right words, sing the right songs, but because they have to - not because it's really coming from their hearts. But a marriage that's alive and blessed is the one where each blesses the other from his or her heart. So a relationship with God that's alive and blessed is one that flows from the heart. It's about seeking to know God's heart and to have God's heart. And doing the right thing, not only because you have to; but because you want to, it's your heart. Live with God from the heart, and your marriage to Him will be blessed and full of life.
    From Message #1253 - Aaron's Oil
    Today's Mission
    How's your heart relationship with the Lord? Think of a way to bless God from your heart today and He will do the same for you.
    Scripture: Matthew 15:18
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn