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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Bridegroom's Oil
    Friday, July 31, 2020
    In the Song of Solomon, the bride says to the bridegroom, "Your name is like Pure Oil." What this means is that the bride is so much in love with the bridegroom that she finds his name to be as gentle, soothing, and lovely on her lips as oil. The Bible says you're the Bride and Messiah, Jesus, is your Bridegroom. The name of your Beloved needs to be on your lips in the same way. His name "Christ" comes from Messiah or Mashiach, which also comes from the root word for oil. But there's something even deeper here. The word translated into English as Pure literally means "Pouring." It says, "Your name is like POURING oil." His name is to be always pouring forth. It doesn't say, "Your name is like oil that has already been poured out." To really know the name of the Lord, it needs to be pouring forth from your heart and from your lips -- not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now. Let the Name Above All Names pour out. That's when you'll know the power of the Name that is like pouring oil.
    From Message #674 - Dodi-Li
    Today's Mission
    Stop finding excuses not to talk about Yeshua. Find reasons to talk about Him in witnessing, in worship, and in praise. Let His name pour off your lips like oil.
    Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:3