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  • The Supernaturally Practical
    Monday, September 14, 2020
    Rabbi Shaul, or Saul, the apostle Paul, was one of the most influential people who ever walked the earth. He changed the world. He changed history. He lived a practical life, a strategic life, an effective life. But notice something else about him. He also was a man of the Spirit. He would pray and fall into a trance. He would receive supernatural words and dreams. Paul treasured being intimate with God. That's why he was able to do such great things. That's why he was unstoppable and why he changed the world. Prayer is not often seen as something practical but prayer is the most practical of things. Without prayer, everything else you do, every plan, every effort, every work, will be hindered. It will be like walking against the wind. But with prayer, everything else will fall into place. So if you want to do great things. If you want to live an effective and powerful life... then be practical - get into God's presence. Become a person of prayer and the Spirit. Yes, it's supernatural - but it's the most practical thing you can do!
    From Message #1320 - The Intimate One
    Today's Mission
    Take time to pray and get into the presence of God. Great things await you.
    Scripture: Luke 1:19
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn