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Pastor Charles Stilwell ULCM


  • The Picture Behind the Picture

    Wednesday, October 14, 2020

    I had a friend whose mother had fallen away from the Lord, had ended up as a hostage in a police shoot out and by a miracle her life was spared. Soon after that, my friend discovered that behind a photograph of his mother as a girl was hidden a drawing of a lamb about to be killed on the edge of a cliff just below a bird of prey. But a hand was reaching out to save the lamb - the hand of Messiah. So in your life, there are always two pictures and two stories. The first picture is that of your life, your circumstances, your situation, as they appear to be. But the second picture is the story of God and you, the hand of your Shepherd reaching out to His lamb, the love of God. If you look behind what you see and feel, you'll find the love of God, and the hand of your Shepherd reaching out to you, His lamb. So no matter what it looks like or feels like in your life, remember, the real story of your life is the one that lies hidden inside the frame.

    From Message #1328 - The Night Creatures III

    Today's Mission

     Give thanks today that the Lord has come into your life and for the new story He has given you.

    Scripture: Romans 8:28

    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn