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  • Paul's Magnificent Failure
    Friday, October 16, 2020
    While Paul was in Athens he sought to preach the Gospel. It was the city council that was in charge of granting such permission. We don't know that he ever obtained that permission. And we have no record of him spreading the Gospel throughout the city. So did he fail? Not at all. Paul preached the gospel in Athens at least once - on Mars Hill. And that one sermon on Mars Hill, the sermon of the Unknown God, was recorded and transmitted to thousands and millions of people, and launching countless missions to countless more people. In the same way, sometimes it may seem as if you've failed in the Lord. You didn't achieve what you set out to achieve. And you feel like a failure. But if you're in God's will, there is no such thing as failure. It's only a matter of obedience. Paul was obedient, and in his "failure" countless lives and nations would be touched for the gospel. So, too, you in God, if you're faithful, you can never fail - you just have no idea how successful you are.
    From Message #1254 - Showdown On Mars Hill
    Todays Mission
    What has God called you to do, yet you feel that you are failing at doing it? Don't give up, keep the faith and stay in the race.
    Scripture: Acts 17:22
    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn